A few more 2010 Saab 9-5 details

Every time I go back and look at the 2010 Saab 9-5 once again, I learn a little more about it.
Here’s a few things from this morning.
There are three interior colors. I described one as being a ‘Sand’ type color but silly me, it’s Parchment of course and it looks great.
The other two are black and something like ‘Shark Grey’. They have cars here with black and parchment only.
Ventilated seats are an option and they look sensational on the black interior.
The center armrest has storage inside, of course, and also can be raised and lowered. Raising it also brings it forward a few inches.
Someone wanted a closer look at the rear seat entertainment and HVAC controls. They are.
The bit that looks like a casette slot is actually a display panel.
I’ve done an interview with Andreas Andersson, who’s the product guy in charge of the 9-5. I’ll be transcribing the main points of that and putting up associated photos as time permits.
I’m still discovering new things about the car, though, and it really has been well thought out.
Did I mention it’s now iPod compatible, too?
Full Bluetooth integration, which is an option.
And the diamond cut wheels still looks absolutely sensational.

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