A few more photos from SOC 2009

After the stream of consciousness that is the IIA 2009 and the attendant 2010 Saab 9-5 unveiling, I fell as if a Monty Python-esque “….and now for something completely different” is in order.
Site sponsor and genuine Saab aficionados State of Nine have circulated a link to their SOC 2009 gallery. There are some great cars on the site, and if I’ve done the math correctly, you, dear reader, may upload a few of your own.
The photos are here. This will give you a little taste of the goodies there.

monte carlo soc 2009 sept 2009.jpg

If you missed it, Greg’s excellent mini-gallery is still posted here.
Excellent work. Keep them coming!
As an aside: State of Nine has delivered top-quality goods at discount prices for my 9-5 via their outlet store online. Plenty of great gear for your Saab there. Check it out!

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