A ride in the Saab Sonett

One of the greatest experiences I had one my recent trip to Sweden was an all-encompassing tour of the Saab Museum with the guy who’s responsible for archiving, preserving and protecting Saab’s history – Peter Bäckström.

We got to drive a few of the cars (more on that later), which was a rare privelege, but then Peter bought out the jaw-dropper in the form of the Saab Sonett.

This is one of only six Sonetts ever made and this white one is actually chassis #1.

The video isn’t the best quality in visual terms. i didn’t want to hold the camera up too high as I didn’t want wind noise to ruin what is an incredible soundtrack from this little two-stroker.

What it lacks in visuals, however, it hopefully makes up for in communicating the experience that is riding in a Saab Sonett.

My thanks to Peter and the guys at the Saab Museum for what was an incredible day, more of which is still to be covered here at SU.



If you want some excellent background reading on the Saab Sonett, then you can’t go past this excellent piece by Lance Cole, first published in The Independent and re-published at Trollhattan Saab with the author’s permission.

Classic Cars: Saab Sonett

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