An update from the Saabs United Historic Rally Team

Thumbnail image for Saabs United Historic Rally TeamTime marches on and so does the work preparing our Saab 99 for the Rally to the Midnight Sun in 2010.
For those of you who don’t know about it, Eggs and I have teamed up with some Swedes (Jörgen and Bo) to rebuild a Saab 99 Turbo and run it in next year’s historic Swedish Rally – the Rally to the Midnight Sun.
We’ve purchased three cars so far and the best shell of the three is currently being stripped down and made ready for its re-birth as a replica of Stig Blomqvist’s Saab 99Turbo from the RAC Lombard Rally in 1978.
The main page for the rally team is here: Saabs United Historic Rally Team.
The most recent instalments in the journey are as follows:
A visit to the Saab museum to look over the original Saab 99T from the 1977 Frankfurt Motor Show as well as another Blomqvist replica.
The arrival of our competition roll cage.
Jörgen visits a massive Saab swap meet in Gistad and picks up some mint condition parts for our rally car.
Our car gets frozen! We send the 99 shell in for dry ice blasting, which is an incredible process that I’d never heard of before.
It’s all happening and I can’t wait to get over to Sweden and see the car for myself in the next couple of weeks!
Please do check out the progress and if you feel so inclined, subscribe to the RSS feed as well. We’re updating the site regularly with new information about the progress with the car and it really is going to build up to an exciting event.

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