Another guy’s thoughts on the 2010 Saab 9-5

G’day all. Greetings from Changi Airport in Singapore, which has got to be the best airport in the world to be stuck at (if you’ve got to be stuck somewhere).
I know I write all of my thoughts here at SU with honesty and clarity in mind, but I’m also aware of the fact that you hear positive stuff from me about Saab all the time, which is why I’m pleased that a few of you have already made it to Frankfurt to see the 9-5 for yourselves.
One such pilgrim is EduSaab, who made the trip from Spain. I’ve just logged in to find his comments on the car in my inbox so I thought I’d bring them here to front page.
Put simply, this really is a great new car from Saab.

Well, I am really impressed with the car. As said Swade, you must see it in real life. The quality of the car in every aspect is very high. The boot is huge!! is like a cave, and I have a 9000, 9-3ss and my father had a 9-5(MY1999).
The rear seats are bigger than the new Eclass and the seat position a lot better by far!!. I seat in many cars today, and I can say for sure, the best seat position and the easiest to find the correct position is the Saab. I am quite upset with the Merc. in this aspect of seat position, primary with the rear seats, as my father has an ML350, in this case happens something similar, but also the rear seat room in the Merc is shorter but also happens with the A6 and 5 series, the new 9-5 is more like an S class than a E class in this aspect. Another feature I liked is the new electric seats (in the show all of them electric seats) have a new button to increase or decrease the “volume” or how soft/hard you want the seat, not only in the back, also in you bottom!.
Another feature I didn’t know, is the park assist. It also help you to detect a car park place where the car could fit on it, at speeds under 30 km/h and also guides you how you should enter in the car park place.
There are a lot of stuff to be considered in this car, and Saab has a lot of reasons to be so excited with this car, in few words…….is superb!!, the Infotaiment system is awesome and easy to use. The only bad thing, is the rear seat headroom, its true its a little
claustrophobic, simply because the roof goes down too early and if you turn your head to the side to see the your side you should crouch a little bit the head, but its more “psichologic” than a real lack of headroom.
In 18 months we are going to see the Wagon, and later on the new 9-4x, but there isn’t a concrete timetable forecast, but more or less it is what it seems.
Something I notice and the sales people there also thing the same, is the difference between the trunk door of the 9-3ss and the 9-5. In the 9-5, is heavier and you need a lot of effort to close it in one movement, in the 9-3ss as it is made from aluminum its really light and easy to manouver. Its a small details, but when you are used to something, then is noticeable.
I should say again, that this 9-5, its more like a 7 series, S class or A8 territory in terms of rear seats, than the Eclass or 5 series, in room space, but primary in terms of comfort, it won’t have a space to put your champagne, but the leg room, the seat position and comfort its awesome!!
About the HUD, I have some pictures, they have a unit with it, in the customers section, and you can play with it. You can adjust the position(up/down), the brightness and then the info you want. Speed, speed with rpm(not digital, analogic meter) and the last one now i don’t remember it.
Once again I must say thank you for the great attention of the Saab people in the stand. I was at the Barcelona autoshow this year, with the arrival of the 9-3x, being a spanish guy, with 3 Saabs, loyal customer and fan, the service of the spanish Saab guys to me, was rubbish, and they lost the opportunity to sell me one of the last V6 units of the 9-3ss.
I know that others have seen it as well and I’ll try to bring those comments to the front page in due course as well. – SW

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