Another K-Saab plate pops up

You might remember our first K-Saab plate sighting. The KONISEG tag showed up on a car registered in New York.
Inspired by that plate and being a believer in the Koenigsegg-Saab transaction*, Dick L has recently acquired the Californian KONISEG tag for his Saab 9-5.
Dick’s family garage is fortunate enough to contain his and hers Saab 9-5 Aeros. The silver one is his and the black Aero belongs to his wife.
Dick runs a TV production company and they filmed the message featuring Jay Leno that was shown at the recent Saab Owners Convention in Colorado. The photo below shows:
Dick’s two sons, Jon and Jeff,
Dick himself,
Jay Leno,
Jerry Danner (Rocky Mountain Saab Club),
Tom Donney (Saab legend and previous owner of Leno’s Saab 93B) and
Marty Adams (Meyer Garage, Iowa – one of the oldest Saab dealerships in the US).
You can also see Jay Leno’s Saab 93B behind the group. If you want to see some film of that car, click here.

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