Answering your questions – part II

You asked questions prior to me going to Frankfurt and I’m doing what I can to answer as many as possible based on stuff I learned whilst in Frankfurt and Sweden.
Here we go with another bunch,,,,,
How long until we see the 9-5 Station Wagon. It is a very good seller and the one I will be waiting for. Another one, can we see more colours, a bigger colour chart?
As previously mentioned, I believe we’ll be waiting another year for the 9-5 wagon. I wish it could come sooner, but it is what it is.
An interesting note on colors. We did get a sneek peek at a color palette for the 9-5 some time ago. Those colors were put together before the decision was taken to move the car to Trollhattan. Some of those colors were Russelsheim-only colors, so they won’t appear on the 9-5.

Does the SAAB CEO think he will be in line for the Swedish version of a knighthood in the new year? Can Australian buyers be assured they may install Hirsch products and maintain their warranty in 2010?
Jan-Ake Jonsson deserves such an honour, that’s for sure.
As with other questions, I’ll hopefully contact Hirsch soon and find out their ongoing status. Hirsch products remain unavailable in Australia, so it’s situation normal from that perspective. A selection of Hirsch products are now available in the US, though, through site sponsor, State of Nine.

Hi Swade. I`d like to know if there are any plans of any “Koenigsegg Edition” variants of the new 95 and the upcoming 93.
When will the 95 wagon be launched? Why do Saab not use swedish Nordic Uhr or BSR instead of Hirsch? They actually use better parts and are swedish

I asked Christian von Koenigsegg about possible editions and he said that they’re still in the early stages of looking at synergies between the two companies and will look to persue those where they exist. I believe he’s said in other interviews that they might consider a Koenigsegg Edition if it really looks like it’ll work and I’d guess it would have to benefit both brands (the preservation of K’Segg exclusivity will be foremost in his mind, I think).
See above about the 9-5 wagon.
My guess is that Hirsch provide an aftermarket solution that’s 1) very high quality, high enough to be factory warranted, 2) more than just tuning. They include body kit parts, etc, rather than tuning only. All of which are exclusive for Saab.
Are Nordic still operating?

When will will see the first GM-free Saab of the modern era? As I understand it, the next 9-3 will have some GM DNA in it, although i may be wrong on that.
This will involve a number of elements. If you’re looking for the first GM-free Saab design, then I’m confident that the next 9-3 will be the one. It’s my understanding that preliminary 9-3 designs have been submitted from Russelsheim, but i’m not sure they’re going to be taken up.
The first Saab free from GM content may be many years away. Saab will have service contracts in place with GM to provide parts and technology on an ongoing basis for years to come. Where this technology is effective in terms of both performance and cost, they’d be silly not to look at it.

Swade, I have been selling Saabs for 31 years and have owned a Saab from 1974, now I am wondering when we will see the new 9-5 and 9-4x at our dealership in Pa. USA ?
I can’t give exact dates, but here’s a starting point for you – they started receiving tooling for the 9-5 in Trollhattan around 10 days ago. They have install, test, etc this tooling and then start production for real. I reckon that could take until the end of this year (but that’s just my own educated guesswork). You’ll know how long it takes to get Saabs shipped over from Sweden better than I do, but I’m sure you can be confident that the US will be high up on the production list.

Are there plans to offer the 9-5 as a 5 door in addition to the wagon variant? Also, are there plans to reintroduce captive financing and leasing for Saab dealers?
I wouldn’t hold my breath for a 9-5 hatch, but it’d be nice if it happened. I think the first new hatch will be the new 9-3 when it comes.
I’m sure that finance arrangements will be high on Mike Colleran’s agenda when he gets the new Saab Cars of North America group up and running.

That’s less than I wanted to get to in this session, but I’ve got to fly, literally.
Home Sweet Home.

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