Autocar on the Saab 99Turbo

I was just doing a little Googling of stories to do with the 99T. A little dydreaming to pass the time while I wait for someone to buy the MX-5.
I came upon this gem and couldn’t resist sharing it here, for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, the 99T is my favourite Saab of all time because it’s the start of the turbo revolution and holds a specuial place in Saab’s history because of that.
Aside from that, though, there’s also a message here for the Koenigsegg Group and the new Saab Automobile:
Build cars about which the press will write things like this again and all should go well.

Very occasionally a car comes along which shocks the staff of Autocar out of our complacency: a car which is not simply fast, but one which is unpredictably thrilling.Such a car is Saab’s Turbo. It’s not the quickest car we’ve tested, or the best-looking. But we will remember it long after many exotica have faded from our minds. For it is such a surprising package, full of interest and excitement.Yet the Saab is essentially a very untrendy design. It will be sought after by those who value engineering quality rather than style, and relish the thought of owning a powerful car that is, for the present anyway, so mechanically unorthodox.

From Autocar’s original road test of the Saab 99 Turbo in 1978.

And whilst we’re talking about Saab 99T’s, the Saabs United Historic Rally Team just picked up a roll cage!

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