Before the show…..

I’ve been at the Saab stand for about 45 minutes now.
I know some people warned me that there would be a lot of walking to do here, but I’ve got to say they didn’t do the words “a lot” any justice with that description. This place is freaking HUUUUGE!!!!
It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it’s too big, actually. You could fit almost the entire Detroit display into around three or four of the halls they have here in Frankfurt and they have ELEVEN halls plus outside displays. It’s just mind boggling.
Anyway, here’s a quick look around the Saab stand. In keeping with the show in general, it’s massive by normal Saab standards. That’s a good thing, though, as they’ve got lots to show.
The display may be altered during the course of the public show, but today they will have a 9-3 Convertible, a new 9-3x and four Saab 9-5s on display.

The stand is quite massive, with 9-3x’s flanking the central section, which is where the 9-5s will end up on display.
At the edges on each side of the Saab stand there is a double garage, from which two Saab 9-5s will emerge during the presentation.
As 70% or so of Saab’s info about these cars has already come out to the media before the show, today is all about showing the cars off at their best.
The other garage, fronted by some black and white beauties.
Joe Oliver and Eric Geers discussing some last minute things, like which car that Aussie guy will drive in during the Saab presentation 🙂
And some goose making use of Saab’s media facilities. Very nice of them to provide somewhere nice to work….
Saab had their kitchen and lounge open this morning. I enjoyed some delicious waffles over a quick chat with Eric Geers and Gunilla Gustavs.
Yes, this is the life!!
Seeya all later on…..

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