Coming soon at Saabs United….

It’s been an incredible couple days here in Trollhattan. This is, of course, Saab heaven and this flying visit has exceeded every hope I could have had about coming here once again.
The staff at Saab have done an incredible job in making me feel really welcome here and opening up some wonderful and normally very private doors so that I can share a peek inside the organisation with you. It’s been a true privelege and i’m looking forward to sharing everything that I’ve learned here in the coming days and weeks.
Just to give you a taste, this has been my schedule over the last 2 days (and it’ll go some way to explaining why I haven’t written much in that time).
Thusday 17th
Up at 6.30am – get packed and ready, check out of hotel and check in for flight from Frankfurt to Goteborg.
8.45am – Watch the clock as my scheduled takeoff time ticks by….
11:30 or so – After two separate delays before takeoff, finally land in Goteborg (the airport approach was spectacular) and drive to Trollhattan with Dave.
1pm – Tour around ANA Specialbilar and SDCC. Have mind blown for the first time in two days.
3pm – Drive the 650. That’s the Saab internal code for the new Saab 9-5. I got a chance to drive a 220hp BioPower version for about 80 minutes all together. Mind blown for the second time.
6pm – Dinner and bowling with Dave and the guys from ANA. Martin from ANA is a bowling hustler and easily creams us in the second game. Ronny won the first. Kyckling was good, as was the Sirloin.
11.30pm – fall into bed.
Friday 18th
8am – Arrive at Saab front gate. Go upstairs to see the PR staff who are in today. Say G’day to them all.
8:30am – Tour around parts of Saab’s technical development center. Get mind blown for the third, fourth, fifth etc times in these two days. We started off looking at crash test simulations using some incredible software.
Then on to the actual crash test facility, where I saw vehicles being prepared for test, as well as the actual testing area itself. Amazing tech going on here and some of it brand new, and very cutting edge.
After that, we looked at the NVH labs and had a look at some incredible acoustic rooms.
And finally, we took a look in one of the mockup studios (possibly not the right term, but it’s late) where they have a full driving simulator in place. Unfortunately it was being taken to bits so I couldn’t have a go.
11:45am – All of the activities previously listed were suitably mind-blowing, but the best was yet to come.
Eight hours at the Saab Museum with Peter Backstrom.
The Saab Museum is an incredible place to visit under any circumstances. To have the rare pleasure of being shown around by Peter was an experience that may be hard to top – ever.
By the time I turn off my light and go to sleep tonight, Peter will have already forgotten more about Saab than I’ll ever know. The things that we saw, learned about, and DROVE today will keep amazing me for many days and weeks to come.
Those two incredibly full days have been the reason why there hasn’t been much content from me in that time. I hope you’ll find that the silence from me was worthwhile as there will be plenty of stories to tell, and for some time to come.
Many thanks to Eggs for keeping the home fires burning whilst I’ve been busy. You’re a champ, mate!

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