To Geelong Football Club…
…for cementing their place as one of the great football teams of the modern era by coming back from behind to win the 2009 Australian Football League Premiership.
Footy really is the gretest game in the world.
To Me…
…for selling my MX-5 – at my asking price – to a really good bloke from Newcastle, who flew down to look at the car this morning.
The Saab 99 Turbo Project can now start in earnest…..and I’m seriously considering painting it Jet Black Metallic like a Turbo X. I have to paint it anyway, so why not paint it the color I’d really like?
Just an idea.
I’m so jet-laggedly tired it’s not funny. Goodnight.
To You…
…For whatever you’ve done or might do this weekend that’s worthy of congratulations. Well done.

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