Contractors call for Koenigsegg to come out from the bushes

Friends don’t let friends….[insert undersireable act here]
If Koenigsegg/Saab and their parts suppliers are going to remain friends – and they need to – then one of those friends needs to reach out and talk to the other one.
So says the Automotive Component Group, the body for all those suppliers that Saab rely on to supply bits for their cars.
The Googletrans from TTELA:

Suppliers’ association Vehicle Component Group has recently demanded answers from Saab buyers Koenigsegg on Saab’s finances, but received no response. The crippling question is whether Saab has a financing solution so that the company can pay its bills.
…….It is not sustainable to deliver in small volumes and credit periods of up to 78 days is not acceptable, writes Palm and Berglie.
– Suppliers wonder how safe it is, “says Berglie.
Large suppliers can acquire assets (i.e. debts) of several million crowns towards Saab with just a few days’ supply. There is a high risk and too many questions about Saab’s future for the subcontractors.
– We’re not naive, there are some plans they may not disclose, said Berglie.
But under these conditions Koenigsegg should try to calm the markets and provide more information, feels Berglie. He points out that most of a Saab car is produced by subcontractors. Saab is dependent on “full support” from the subcontractors for the company to survive.
– It’s time to crawl out of the bushes, “says Berglie.

I think they’re stating a pretty reasonable case there.
I am still very, very confident in Koenigsegg’s ability to complete this transaction, but Saab’s name is getting dragged through the mud here.
People will feel a whole lot better about announcements like the 2010 Saab 9-5 of they feel confident in there being a future in which it will actually materialise.
Koenigsegg need to open up soon.

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