Djup Strupe and Saab production

I received a note in the last 24 hours from a new Djup Strupe.

The following is un-verified, but in the spirit of mythbusters I’m going to label it with a ‘plausible’ rating as it all sounds quite possible. Likely even.

There’s only some short bits, but they’re good’uns.

Firstly, work is currently underway installing the tooling for Cabriolet production.

In the pipeline ….. the tools for the new 9-5 will be installed in November when there is a two week stop in production.

At present, they are producing some new 9-5s in Trollhättan but the bodies are coming out of Russelsheim.

If they’re not running factory tours at the moment, the new 9-5 getting put together would be a good reason as to why.


Oh, and there was this, which I’m pretty sure at this point is just someone with a creative sense of humour 🙂

Click to enlarge:


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