DN.se claim Chinese FAW Group to invest in Saab. I have no comment.

It seems the latest sport in the Swedish media is picking which Chinese carmaker is now tied in with the Koenigsegg Group as an investor in the plan to purchase Saab automobile from GM.

Yesterday it was DI.se claiming SAIC were the Chinese investor. They got that news from an ‘un-named source’ and I was happy to write here that according to news I’ve been tracing, they were incorrect.

Today it’s DN.se claiming that nother Chinese carmaker, First Auto Works (FAW), is the new partner. Like SAIC, FAW have a partnership with GM. In this instance the co-operation concerns the building of light commercial vehicles.

China FAW is as reported to DN Ekonomi the automakers that will help the Koenigsegg to take over Saab….

….China scholar who DN Cheap talked to describe FAW as well-run and seriously. With the company as a financier for Saab expect longevity and good access to the Chinese market, according to the assessment.

The company has a large distribution network and good knowledge of western car technology.

Could this be the theory that the media are working on? Find a company with ties to GM and take a stab in the dark citing un-named sources related to the deal?

Or could those un-named sources be Koenigsegg themselves having a little fun at the media’s expense after all the trouble they’ve had in the last few months? I don’t think so, but it’s a nice and entertaining thought.


I’m not going to comment on any more speculation from the Swedish media. I’m pretty confident in my information and I’m also pretty confident that Koegnisegg will do as Joran Hägglund suggested they might do and make their arrangements public some time this week.

If I keep commenting on who’s right and who’s wrong then some time a newspaper is going to guess the right company and I’ll feel compelled to confirm it.

This is one time I’d actually prefer Koenigsegg Group come out and tell their arrangements for themselves. I hope they do so soon – though not in the next few hours as I’m going to the movies 🙂

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