Excellent Saab 9-3x gallery

I had a Saab 9-3x for five days in Trollhattan last week. It’s a little unfortunate that the model has come at a such a quiet time in Saab’s history as I’m not sure it’s going to receive the promotion it deserves.
I’ll write up my own impressions in full later in the weekend but suffice to say that ever since its release, my favourite model in the current Saab range has been the Saab 9-3x SportCombi. The Saab 9-3x is a different SportCombi. Is it better? That’s for the individual to decide, but I’ll just say that really enhanced my opinion of the 9-3 range.
The Saab 9-3x has just been tested by Auto55 in Belgium. Those who speak the lingo can check it out for themselves and those who don’t can apply the translational powers of Google to get the flavour.
The bit I’d like to feature here is the excellent photography they did. The 9-3x is a ruggedly handsome version of the 9-3. There were heaps of them driving arund trollhattan and in various colours, too. Like mine, Auto55 had a white one for their test and they’ve done some excellent work capturing it’s good sides.
There’s a selection below and a full gallery here.

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