Friday Night Snippets – countdown edition

I fly tomorrow morning…..Yikes!!
It’s 7pm here and I haven’t even brought a suitcase up from downstairs yet. So much to do, so many batteries to charge!
Thanks to all for your Mac vs PC advice earlier in the week. Some may be curious about the outcome, but unfortunately there’s nothing to tell at this point.
When I published that post, I was most likely going to return my leased Mac straight away and would therefore need a new laptop to replace it. I’ve decided to wait a little. The lease ends in November.
So I’ll be taking my cracked and tired old HP laptop to Europe and consider my replacement options when I get back.
Whilst I’m going to spend a bucketload of time getting beween Melbourne and Frankfurt in the next few days, posting will go on here at Saabs United, so please do keep checking in.
I’ve got a number of posts loaded up and ready to go. Obviously they won’t be news type posts, but there’s some really good stories in there that I look forward to sharing on site.
My trip actually starts tomorrow in Melbourne, where I’ll spend the afternoon looking over my newly acquired Saab 99 Turbo.
It’s not running yet and tomorrow’s job will be to exchange the rusted out rear hatch for one of the spare ones on site.
Saab 99 Turbo
Once the Mazda is sold, the real work will begin, starting with getting the car mobile again.
I’ll have to rely on you folks to talk amongst yourselves whilst I’m busy getting from point A to point B.
Have fun, and I’ll speak to you all live from Melbourne tomorrow.

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