Friday Night Snippets – nude edition

Notes from TTELA about the Saab 9-5 today:

Saab has orders to almost fill the production this year. Despite that, the company is still on the low rate of about 100 cars per day. The reason is simply that they don’t want to take risks on cash flow.

– “After we left GM’s cash flow and do our own, we have an incredibly careful planning that we follow meticulously. And we are cautious with our commitments now so not to build on our stock,” said Jan Åke Jonsson.

He also said that preparations are ongoing to start production of new 9-5 in Trollhättan. The tools needed in the production of new cars have now gradually started to arrive in Trollhättan from Rüsselsheim.

– “Production of new 9-5 kicks off early next year. In the future we expect to sell an average of 50,000 cars per year of the sedan and combi.”

Thanks to ctm!


This made my day….

Hello Swade!

My name is **********.
I work as ********* at Saab Automobile.

I just wanted to say that your Web site Saabs United is Great. Today was the first time that I visited the site. …… of my colleages told me about Saabs United.

He said that if you get angry about stupid statements from the Swedish goverment, visit the site and then you are happy again.

Have a nice weekend


From Swedish newspaper, It’s their impression of what might happen to CvK’s fortune.

Thanks to Joost!



Have left the alien adventure behind. Hospitable types, with great taste in livestock. I don’t feel much different aside from the aforementioned ability to change TV channels by blinking.

Oh, and when I break wind, the garage door opens.

Good to be home.

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