Google captures Saab Festival 2007

All credit to Mioh for discovering this one. I certainly didn’t know about it.
Back in 2007 the attendees at the Saab Festival were able to participate in a track day at Kinnekulle racetrack. It seems that might have been the same day the satellites snapped the photo used as the ‘satellite’ shot for Google Maps.
Here’s the image as it appears on Google Maps (go to 58.545788,13.396195 if you want to look it up for yourself).
That certainly looks like the setting from what I can remember. The rows of cars waiting to get on to the track and the many cars in the surrounding grounds. This is many more cars than what you get at your average car club track meet.
Mioh was trawling around Google Maps looking at racetracks in Sweden and the formation of the cars at Kinnekulle prompted him to turn to his own photos from the day to confirm his suspicions.
Sure enough, his suspicions were correct. Here are some of the comparison shots:
One of the red cars is missing in the satellite shot, but the others are definitely correct.
The pink limo is visible, but if you want more confirmation, have a look at the bus in the background and then scroll back up to the first shot in this post – it’s right there.
These cars from the museum are also clearly visible, especially the little racecar painted in Swedish national colors.
Again, the race cars and trailers in the background are clearly visible.
That prompted me to have a look for my own car from that day (the car that Saab Sweden were nice enough to loan me for the week). It was a 60th anniversary 9-3 Convertible in Cerulean Blue with a black roof.
I have a feeling that I was in the middle row of the lineup, and right at the back, which would place me here:
So – if you were there, too, where are you??
Kudos to Mioh for the discovery and my thanks for passing it on to share here. Fantastic!

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