Guten Tag from Frankfurt!

Hey everyone. Finally!
Number of Saabs spotted whist sitting at the airport McDonalds (outdoors) this morning = zero, which may not be all that unusual, but considering….
Number of Aston Martins spotted = 1
Number of Japanese cars spotted during that time (around 15 minutes) = 6
Number of BMWs, Audis and Mercs (not incl taxis) = too numerous too mention.
I think I’ve got one of those autobahn thingys outside my hotel as they’re flying as they go past in the inside lane.
Thankfully, whilst outside just a minute ago getting a breath of fresh air, I had my first Saab sighting – a 03-06 Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan in black.
Comments have got my intentions divided now. Someone mentioned that The Ring is only about an hour north-west of here. Hmmmmm.
Can’t do it, though.
Today is devoted to getting ready for tomorrow. I’ve got all your questions to sort through and categorise, as well as multiple interview plans to make.
No sightseeing today, I’m afraid. Will have to save that for next time (or late this afternoon if I’m efficient).
Driving the F1 simulator at Changi airport in Singapore…..
The 12.5 hour journey from Singapore must have seen us get a tailwind as we landed quite a bit earlier than expected. Thankfully, my hotel’s let me check in early, hence the words you’re reading now.
I was seated next South-east Asia’s version of Homer Simpson, a man without even a basic knowledge of the concept of personal space and a penchant for breaking wind. It was either that or his breath. Unsure.
What I am sure of is that it’s time to hit the showers.
Frankfurt is go, baby!!!!
Just made my first video and found that my new whizzbang laptop doesn’t have a freaking firewire port!!!!!
Have to go buy a HDMI cable now. I guess I’ll be heading out after all……

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