In Stockholm….

Today I made the long-ish drive across Sweden to Stockholm.
Many of you will think this rather silly, but I was quite worried about doing this drive without making a complete idiot of myself. You see, living in the Southern hermisphere, as I do, coming up north does very strange things to your sense of direction. The sun moves in a different arc and everything gets all screwy.
I was really worried about pulling over for a breath of fresh air, then re-commencing my journey in the complete opposite direction. To cover this off, I rented a GPS unit with my car, which turned out to have been a very good idea.
One of these is my rental car for the day……
Given that the AVIS agency in Trollhattan is located at ANA, the local and quite large Saab dealership, I would have felt a little unlucky if they’d wheeled out a Daewoo Matiz. Fortunately, I got a 9-3 SportCombi that was factory fresh with only 800kms on it.
My apologies to any Stockholm types that might have been interested in a dinner tonight. I just never got around to organising it until it was too late.
As it was, I got to see our rally car shells first hand and I had a nice dinner with Jorgen from the SU Historic Rally Team and Par Brandt from Auto Motor and Sport.
A very entertaining and enjoyable evening full of good food and motor talk.
On my way here, I stopped at a city called Sombrero Orebro and visited with the guys at Maptun.
It was a rare opportunity to visit not just a site sponsor, but also a business that brings so much happiness to so many people. I mean, who doesn’t love Saab tuners???
These guys run a fantastic shop and I’m looking forward to sharing a few more stories about them and their cars once I get back home. Suffice to say that this car will feature prominently and I’m not ashamed to say that I nearly had to change my underpants after going for a ride.
Finally, a little glimpse into yesterday’s activities……
Tomorrow I’ll visit the crew at Auto Motor and Sport before heading to the airport for 36 hours of planes and airports. It sucks living so far away sometimes.
Someone asked a little while ago if I received assistance for this trip. I did indeed, and I’d like to thank Saab for their support, as well as one private individual who made life a while lot easier with his belief in, and support of, Saabs United. You know who you are and I hope you know the sincere gratitude with which you’re regarded.
For the cynical – I don’t find the 9-5 to be a great car because Saab supported my adventure to see it. It’s just a great car, and hopefully you’ll get to see that for yourself soon.
I’ll catch you tomorrow, when hopefully I can get a part 1 entry online, answering some of your many questions.

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