JAJ on Saab’s current situation

The following is a Googletrans from TTELA.

It’s a summation of the main outcomes from yesterday’s presentation by Jan-Ake Jonsson to the suppliers industry group meeting.

There’s some good bit and pieces in here. On finance, the changed business plan, tooling and a few other thing.

Once again, Jan-Ake Jonsson is ‘the man’.


Saab deal may reach completion in October

It is the day when all the pieces will have fallen into place in the Saab affair, according to Saab boss.

– The gap in funding, we have almost closed in the current situation, “says Jan Åke Jonsson.

– If we really give the iron in the final yards, we will, in my view, succeed, “said Jan Åke Jonsson, who sounded more optimistic than usual when he spoke on the supplier day of Södertälje on Thursday.

He spoke about the way forward for Saab. Jan Åke Jonsson was glad to give subcontractors his own version because he was angry at the fact that the media has been doing what he calls a “witch hunt” for Saab.

– Reporting is very unbalanced and avoiding the factual picture that exists, “he said.

He could not straighten all the question marks, though. What money will fill the hole is still just as unclear.

Earlier information mentioned three billion dollars needed by the Koenigsegg Group to fund Saab Automobile’s business plan and complete the deal with General Motors.

The lack of money was discovered around two weeks ago according to Jonsson and was due to the business plan now having lower volumes and greater investment in environmental technology.

Now, almost all money be in port by using the Koenigsegg Group, GM and other stakeholders. He did not want to be more precise.

– We will be able to present it in a few weeks. Max.

Saab Head pays tribute to GM’s negotiating stance. Say they have shown great courtesy. Saab now has the tools for the new Saab 9-5, which will be manufactured next year, starting to arrive in Trollhättan. They are worth around 1.8 billion – a cost that GM has already taken.

On 31 October the whole affair could be terminated. Then expect Saab to the European Investment Bank (EIB) at its October meeting, granted the loan of around 4.3 billion kronor. In addition, a number of licensing and cooperation agreement with GM to be ready.

– Provided all play ball, then so be the case,” says Jan Åke Jonsson.

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