KoenigSaab T-shirts out now!!

Ivan and I are proud to announce the latest addition to the Saab Design Shop….
The KoenigSaab T-Shirt.
The announcement isn’t final just yet, but Saab are coming home and to celebrate, Ivan’s put together this great Koenigsegg-Saab design – you could call it Saab’s first hybrid!
Koenigsaab T-shirt
That rendering isn’t quite as sharp as the real thing, but you get the idea.
Below is just one of the pre-formatted shirt/design combinations that Ivan’s put together.
Koenigsaab Tshirt
Of course, the fun option involves the Do It Youself shop, where you can pick the shirt you want and combine it with the design, positioning and even extra text.
Koenigsaab T-Shirt
You can even adjust the colors of the K-Saab design and do a black and white version if you like
KoenigSaab T-Shirt
We have pre-formatted and DIY shops in both Europe and the US and the KoenigSaab design is available in both.
European Shops:

US (and Asia) Shops:

Our shirts are made by Spreadshirt and are great quality products. Both the garments and the prints are long-lasting.
Get ’em while they’re hot!

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