Koenigsegg Group ownership structure changes

UPDATED – Changed company name from ‘Sunshine’ to ‘Solsken’ as per advice in comments.

It always struck me as strange that the Koenigsegg Group comprised of four ‘owners’, but the smartest man in the room wasn’t one of them (with no disrespect to CvK, Eker or Bishop).
Augie Fabela was initially named as Chairman of the Koenigsegg Group board and was quite obviously the man with the most international business experience and connections. He built up a communications company in Russia that ended up listed on the New York Stock Exchange. That last sentence, considering much of it happened when Russia was still just in the process of opening up its economy, should tell you enough about what he’s done.
So the question as to why he was so involved but not as a part-owner was a vexing one. And it seems to be a scenario that’s changed.
This is the ownership structure of the Koenigsegg Group as it was first explained by the Swedish media:
Koenigsegg Saab ownership structure
This was published around the time that Mark Bishop pulled out of the group. It seems that decision might have been the catalyst for something that I believe was going to happen all along anyway – Augie Fabela getting involved in a financial way.
Swedish news service SvT reports that the company register shows a new ownership structure, as follows:

  • ‘Solsken’ – 42%
  • Alpraaz – 24%
  • Eker Group – 24%
  • Koenigsegg Auto – 10%

The new player there is a company called “Solsken”, which is apparently a Dutch-registered company owned by guess who?
Augie Fabela.
From SvT:

Nowadays the largest shareholder in Group Koenigsegg American businessman Augie K Fabel, who is also chairman of the board. He stands behind the fact the Dutch company with the cryptic Swedish sounding name of ‘Solsken’, which according to the share register was over 42 percent of the shares in mid-July. Solsken has an address in Amsterdam that is shared with many other companies. But no website or phone number.
Halldóra von Koenigsegg confirms that it is Fabel company.
-Yes, that’s it, “she says.

So we have one ownership structure change, with Fabela coming into the game in a meaningful way.
I wouldn’t get too used to this structure, however. Koenigsegg Group will most likely have a new investor coming on board quite soon (if not already) as they’ve been hunting around the markets trying to get additional finance to fill out their business plan.
Swedish media reports say that it’s another car company that is coming on board to help provide the 3billion SEK that was needed to see the business plan come to life, and thereby help to secure the EIB funding and government guaratees that Saab are seeking. Expect that company to be one that could benefit from the acquisition of those loans and the work Saab will do with those loans.

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