Mac vs PC once again….

This post is not about cars, though it’ll probably get as many comments as a post that is about cars. If you’re looking for car stuff, scroll down.
Almost 3 years ago now, I acquired a Mac. It was my first Mac experience and on the whole, it’s been a very positive one. My problem is that I didn’t buy the computer, I leased it. I didn’t have enough money to buy at the time and the tax deductions looked good, so I leased.
It was a stupid move. Not only have I paid around $3,500 for a $2,000 computer, I also just found out that when the lease expires I have to return the computer – not to the place here in Hobart where I picked it up – but to a place in Melbourne!!
I figure I’ll probably take the opportunity to return it early, on my visit to Melbourne this weekend, en route to Frankfurt.
And that means it’s computer replacement time, and in a hurry, too. Quite possibly as early as tomorrow.
Once again I don’t have the money to buy outright at the moment, but there are some good interest-free deals at various stores so I can pay it off early in the new year with real penalties. It just cuts your haggling room.
Whilst I’ve enjoyed the Mac immensely (the graphics are just sooooooo much better) I’m having a very hard time justifying another one in terms of value for money.
I definitely want a lap top this time, which means the most affordable Mac I can get is the Macbook at around A$1,500. That gets me a poncy little screen, a mouse touchpad thingy that I don’t like (I like my separate buttons) and the speed and memory specs of a $700 PC laptop.
A PC laptop at $1,500 will get me a 16-inch screen, 4gig of RAM and possibly 500GB of hard drive space. Sure, you don’t get some of the extended functionality of the Mac in the Vista system, but I don’t tend to use most of the gadgets on the Mac anyway. I sit and I write. I resize photos. That’s about it.
Is there a reason it isn’t as cut and dried as it seems?

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