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Mike900 is a relative newcomer to SaabsUnited but he’s certainly made his presence felt with some contributions via comments. I’ve been corresponding with him a little via email, and when he said he was going to attempt some DIY work on his Viggen, I suggested it might provide some good value for readers here.
Personally speaking, I’m no wrench guy, so I always like to see what others are doing and get inspired to pick up the tools myself. Maybe there’s some more of you out there like that?
First, an introduction. The name is Mike900 on site, but he’s working on a Viggen. So where does the 900 come into things? Well, Mike’s not only blessed with the craziest car in Saab’s history (the Viggen), he’s also got a very nice classic 900 Aero:
These are the bits he’s purchased to install on the car (along with a Haynes manual for some helpful advice…)
And of course, the bits arranged in Viggen formation ๐Ÿ™‚
So what have we got here?

  • There’s a new rear anti-roll bar
  • A sterring rack clamp and brace
  • A center armrest
  • A Haynes Saab 9-3 manual
  • Powerflex inner & outer bushes for the front control arm
  • Billet aluminium Viggen oil cap and gear lever knob

The parts we all sourced from either Parts for Saabs, or Taliferro. Mike also picked up some jackstands locally to help with elevation and a flouro lamp for visibility.
These only arrived in the last few days, so Mike’s done the easy bits first. We’ll come back with more play-by-play information when he tackles the dirtier jobs later.
For the moment, though, here’s the armrest being put into place:

It feels quite well made for the price, and has genuine squishy leather on top. The lid can be slid forward to gain access to the storage area within, while at the same time doubling as an arm rest. Both the old original lid and the new arm rest have a little bit of flex in the plastic, so I just carefully stretched the attached edges off the little button/hinge to remove the old lid. Then the armrest was installed by stretching the outer edges over the hinge/button until it clicked into place.
Here’s the new armrest with the little hinge/buttons visible –


Underneath the lid is a storage bin, which is lined with thick felt…..no more rattling coins! Below is a photo from the front, showing the clearance over the hand brake lever
The arm rest only comes in Beige or Grey. The photograph tends to emphasise the colour difference between the grey colour of the unit and black of the seats. In person it is far less noticeable, and still matches the grey colour of the rest of the centre console. I went for a quick drive around the block and the armrest feels very comfortable in its position. If they had made it in black I would have bought it, but I still think it looks great as it is.


The other bit I installed quickly was the billet aluminium Viggen oil cap. It’s a straight swap out with the girly original yellow unit, and was very simple to do. Just remove the dipstick component from the original by hand, no tools required, and insert it into the aluminium one.
Here’s a shot of the new cap installed in the engine bay….. which now looks rather dull by comparison, and in need of a wash

As I mentioned, we’ll come back with more instalments of Mike’s DIY wrenching adventures.
My mechanic said fitting that steering rack clamp and brace can be a mongrel of a job, so I’m looking forward to hearing about that one ๐Ÿ™‚
And I might have to check out one of those anti-roll bars for my Monte, too…….

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