Monday Night Snippets – nothing rhymes with orange edition

Still in the care of aliens… they’re referring to me as ’10 of 9′ for some reason. Maybe because I’m overweight?
Saabs are marketed with Saturns in Canada and we’ve already heard that GM has let Saab dealers know they’re cutting the ties on December 31st.
It seems the Saturn half of that pairing is now fubar-ed as well, with Saturn’s new corporate parent, the Penske Group, pulling the pin on Saturn in Canada.
That light at the end of the tunnel is looking more and more like a train all the time……
Jalopnik are covering a Saab 99 as their “Nice Price or Crack Pipe” car today.
I’m not so befuddled by the price. I’m just wondering why you’d shoehorn a 16v into a Saab 99 and have it not include a turbo.
Apparently this is just another day in Sylt – a playground for the rich in Germany.
Markus was there – unsure if he’s a fixture or was just visiting 🙂 – and he snapped a photo of the carpark.
Whilst having a brief moment outside the spaceship, I was pondering what would be the first song I downloaded onto the 10GB hard drive in my first test of the new Saab 9-5.
I’m not one to give a car a name, but I have been known to reserve a special tune for first play in a new car. For years, that tune was It’s Only Natural by adopted Aussies, Crowded House (circa 1980’s NYC film clip there) but I think the time for recapturing “the Philip Island years” has passed.
A new car. A new generation. Time for a new first tune?
Anyone else do such silly things?

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