Monday Snippets – connecting edition

Did I start a trend?
“Alex”, who is a friend of our unofficial Saab Ambassador in the UK, connects with his new 900 convertible via a hug.
Photo taken at a Saab club event in the UK. Photos on Flickr.
Michael Z has an idea for Saab in this communicative world we live in. My question is who’d find this fun and who’d find it intrusive?
…..why not put a simple GSM-modem in every Saab car to get and send information directly between user and manufacturer?
You can get a mobile phone for 30 bucks these days, why not put one in the car? Then you just buy a SIM-card, or a data-card, put it in a slot somewhere in the car and register the number with Saab, simple enough.
Just imagine getting some Saab, community, or service-related news from Saab and your dealer when you get in your car in the morning! New options, models, events, new dealerships nearby, service messages and notifications, notices when some ordered parts arrive or become available – whatever. They can even poll buyers or gather user experience from all over the world right away!

It certainly has some merit, though wouldn’t this be just as easy (and cheaper for customers) with an online service available through a properly configured website that people can register themselves and their cars on?
What a joy it has been to be back at the office after two weeks away in Germany and Sweden.
Joachim, from Austria, recently connected with his inner enthusiast via a family trip to Sweden in their recently-purchased Saab 9-3 SportCombi.
Joachim at the museum in Trollhattan (was it really just a week or so ago that I was there???)
Stopping to check out some flatpack….
And an absolutely stunning Saab 9-3 Convertible, in white and tan, spotted in Goteborg.

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