More Saab in the news today…..

The situation seems to be changing by the hour around here…..
First, you have an un-named source lending some hope to the situation with the initial reports that the deal is ready to be done. The source stated that Saab had a new investor and everything was just tickety-boo.
Then, hopes were raised even higher earlier today when e24 quoted Saab’s PR people saying that yes, indeed, the deal was ready and done.
Now, TTELA report that Saab’s people were mis-quoted, and that no such statement is ready to be made just yet.

– I have not confirmed anything claiming that the deal is in port. And it is because we as yet do not have anything new to come up with concrete, “says Ms Gustav.
In Svd also shows that the information officers stated that the deal will be completed within the next month. A task that Gunilla Gustav not want to acknowledge.
– Even where we are settled we what we previously said, we believe that the deal can hopefully be ready within the next few months or before the end of the year.
If and when the deal becomes quite clear that the cables will slip out quickly, promised Gustav.
– Then we will be proactive, it can all be satisfied.

Just think about Jan-Ake Jonsson today.
As of yesterday, he could have expected curious questions about the initial report after he makes his presentation to the suppliers group. They might have been frustrated with his muted answers, but at least there was something in the air.
Now, they’ve probably read the e24 story this morning and gone to the meeting feeling very upbeat. According to that story, Saab themselves were confirming that it was true. All is happy.
Now, when they go to ask their questions, JAJ has to contradict that story and make them mad again!!!
Talk about an emotional roller coaster!
I’m quietly confident that deal is done. It’s not Saab’s place to make an announcement, hence the retraction.
Either way, I think that as per the report, we’ll see something next week, prior to the Frankfurt show.

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