New BSR badges – for when you really don’t give a crap about insurance

I’m always wary of advertising too much about the modifications done to my car. Yes, I have a little Hirsch deer’s head on the back of my 9-3 but it’s quite subtle and wouldn’t mean much to an Aussie insurance assessor.
I’ve got a feeling that even the thickest of insurance guys might get the meaning of these ones, though.
Be that as it may, they do look alright and if you’ve got a BSR tuned car and don’t mind tipping off the curious types then these might be just what you need.
Link – BSR website.
BSR badges.jpg
BSR badge2.jpg
Here in Australia, you have to advise your insurer of any modifications to your car. Naturally, those modifications usually increase your premiums if they’re aimed at increasing the performance, speed or capability of the car.
Don’t advise and you run the risk of the company discovering the modifications in the event that you have to call on their services. If they don’t have the modifications noted, you run the risk of not being covered.

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