Saab 9-5 at play; fully loaded and sans-hatch

I’m a die-hard Bring Back The Hatch advocate, as you know, but never let it be said that a lack of a big door at the back should be a deterrant to a sedan owning Saabisti.
The following is from ‘DenverAero’
Assuming that the deal with Koenigsegg goes through soon, one might posit that the emphasis will be on style and performance in the future. As a serious Saab owner, I’m all for that but I’d like to remind any new ownership that we Saabies place equal consideration for practicality as well as performance and style.
The missus and I took a little golf/biking trip to Steamboat Springs, Colo., about a 480-mile journey round-trip. It was the first time to test out the factory bike rack on an extended highway journey.
Everything worked great and we cruised comfortably at 80 mph, with no concerns about the bikes or performance. We also fit three sets of golf clubs and two Sun Mountain golf carts in the trunk when we drove with the brother-in-law to a course in Craig.
The factory racks lock into the car’s frame via premade holes under the rubber weather stripping trim. Very solid.
Car: 2007 Saab 9-5 Aero, standard 5-speed, sport-tuned package, 20,000 miles.
Top of Rabbit Ears Pass, Colo. About 9,000 feet. The Saab turbo can tame mountains 🙂
Steamboat Springs 010.jpg
We get lots of compliments on the two-tone color package. Fusion blue, desert beige interior.
Steamboat Springs 005.jpg
Saab pride. Rear view.
Steamboat Springs 015.jpg
A close-up of the factory rack. Comes with locks and works like a charm.
Steamboat Springs 007.jpg
The loaded trunk….
Steamboat Springs 004.jpg
I’d like to echo DenverAero’s thoughts on practicality.
Aside from the looks and the driving experience, the final thing that hooked me on Saabs after I’d owned one for a while, was how useful it was.
For me, that was down to the cavernous load area of my old Saab 99T. As DenverAero shows here, carrying lots of stuff is not the sole domain of the hatch series.
Safety, comfort, speed and utility.

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