Saab 99 Turbo snippets

Today I had the pleasure of seeing just how much work I’m going to have to do with the 99Turbo I’ve recently purchased. And I can tell you that there’s a LOT of work to be done.
It was great to see the car in the metal, though, and I couldn’t help but get excited about the possibilities for the future. There’s a little more rust than I thought, but it doesn’t look terminal and there are plenty of spare panels coming with the car to take care of some of it.
One of the great bonuses with this purchase is the number of spare parts that are coming with the car. There are way too may parts to list, actually. The photos below will give you some idea of the sheer volume of stuff.
We had a Saab 900 and a Honda CRV, both with the rear seats folded down, and we still only managed to move about half of the smaller stuff and of course, none of the panels or screens (or spare engine and gearbox). Today we moved a lot of lights, hoses, trim pieces, wheels and a whole lot more.
I have four steering wheels, for example – including a genuine Nardi wooden wheel and my personal favourite – a three-spoke EMS wheel. There’s the Inca wheels on the car, as well as a full spare set of Incas. All need refinishing, but a good set will emerge, for sure.
I’ve slotted in a couple of photos, below, and hopefully there might be a few more forthcoming soon.
Many thanks to G, our seller, as well as Simon P for coming over to lend an extra set of hands and a 900 payload to help move some bits. It was greatly appreciated.
This is the stuff that was already in the back of the 99T and stayed there. Included is a genuine Saab rear spoiler, a rather large one that was a genuine accessory in the 1970s and rarely seen, from my experience.
SW w 991.jpg
The two cars, which both ended up full of 99 parts.
SW w 992.jpg
The seller also has a couple of vintage cars, including this 1931 Buick with a straight eight. It’s in amazing condition.
the yard.jpg

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