Saab 9S by Niklas Palm

Our resident student-designer, Niklas Palm has been at it again.
Niklas is a Masters student at Umea Institute of Design. Every now and then he sends me something, I proceed to go nuts over it and then post it here.
This time it’s a small vehicle concept called a Saab 9S.

I see this car as a direct competitor to Alfa Romeo Mito, Mini Cooper S and other small performance cars.
It is just under 4 meters long and is a 2+2 seater with a real luggage compartment. Power could come from a small 1.2 liter turbo engine combined with an electric engine for extra boost and fuel economy.
It is a younger brother of the 900 Turbo S (SPG) from the late 80s, with the grey side skirts and the upright front windshield (I have a feeling that i have done a similar vehicle before, but this is exactly what Saab needs to boost sale and become a “premium” – whatever that means – car manufacturer.
I was ofcourse inspired by the 900 Turbos, but also the 99 and the classic 93.

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saab02 copy.jpg
saab004 copy.jpg
saab 9S.jpg
And here’s a few links to Niklas’ previous work as featured here.
Audi IceKraft – ice raging machine that looks awesome.
Saab 9-1 that shares some similarities with the 9S, above. And again. You can see a real evolution there.
The UrMus – computer mouse inspired by UrSaab. I’d buy one of these tomorrow if they produced it.
Niklas’ Saab 9-4x sketches, which came several months before we saw the real thing.

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