Saab love – Russian style

The following letter has been sitting in my inbox for -well – almost a few months now. I’ve been saving it for a time such as this. A pause in the hectic pace of this site, so that it could get some quality time on the front page.
I’ve edited it as little as possible. English is, of course, a second language for Sergey. He’s 21 and lives in a place that seems to me to be beyond remote (and I live on an island at the arse end of the world!).
The fact that a young guy in such a remote place should come across Saabs vehicles, and come to love them to the point where he’ll struggle through such a letter to tell someone how much they mean to him…….. it says a lot.
Great design crosses boundaries. Geographic, language, economic. Like music, it’s recongnised by all.
Here’s Sergeys letter that was written not just to me, but to you and to Saab as well.
Hello! First of all, I’d ask to read up my letter up to the end. It will not take away from you a lot of time. But I shall be immensely glad, that you have given me and my letter your attention (with hope for the answer).
And now as a matter of fact, who am I? Osipenko Sergey from Irkutsk-city (Russia, Siberia). What for do I write? I wish to tell to you a small history and to thank you for something that I don’t have, as strange as it sounds!
In the middle of the 90s when I was 7 or 8 years, I have borrowed in drawing and practically at once began to draw machines. Gradually it became a hobby and a hobby for cars. Then in employment of vital importance, as soon as I had a free minute, I took a pencil and drew cars. I drew much, with all soul. Happened, what for the sake of it endowed a dream, decorating the next sketch in four one o’clock in the morning.
Together with drawing I opened new makes of cars, studied characteristics, looked automobile programs on TV and bought automobile magazines. So I have studied the majority of marks – even the most rare! Already then I have made the list of the best, in my opinion, cars. It has entitled Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-3 Viggen… Meanwhile, I have left school, and time which has gradually taken away the most part of a free time has come to enter the institute. As the result, drawing should be thrown. Very much about it I regret!
What now? It’s july, 2009. I’m 21 years old. I study at Automobile faculty, I try to find new work (before I worked as the automobile journalist, but has left work because of low wages) as it’s necessary to feed family. Behind a window grows dark, the sun disappears behind horizon, carrying away heavy week-day. Tomorrow will be precisely the same. In headphones Nina Simone – Blackbird (Remix) plays from well-known advertising Saab Aero X, in a head – ideas on for what I write this letter turn? Has passed 12 years, and I still consider Saab 9-5 (as, however, and all other cars of Saab) as works of art. And I consider, that the car should look as Saab!
For this purpose I also have written to you the letter. It as the answer to all questions of my subconsciousness and gratitude to Saab!
I entirely and completely realize that fact that the car of my dream hardly will appear in my life. But, nevertheless, I would like to tell you a lot of thanks! That you are, that you make so fine cars of which it is possible to dream only! Thanks you for everything that you have made for this world and for me personally. For happiness, presented to owners of cars Saab.
Thanks! And sorry for my English! ๐Ÿ™‚
As I told Sergey – his English is a million times better than my Russian ๐Ÿ™‚
One of the reasons I loved this letter was that it is one man’s feelings laid bare. That’s also why I’ve barely edited it. It’s more honest that way.
The other reason is a common belief between Sergey and myself that Saabs really are a superior car compared to what we are/were accustomed to. My first 20 years revolved around old Holdens and Fords and the thought of something so eccentric and of such higher quality than what I was used to seemed excessive. I know Saabs and their class of vehicle are the norm for some, but I was never one of them.
Sergey has a dream for a 9-5 one day. I had a dream just to get a Saab – any Saab – that at one time I thought would never come to pass.
I really hope Sergey’s dream does come to pass and I want to thank him for his honesty and willingness to share his thoughts here.
Sergey included a couple of photos with another email:
my photos of one of Saab in our city (on a background – sacred lake Baikal!). I will be grateful, if you publish them on a site and write that in Siberia too love Saab!

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