Saab Pride – Anglo-Belgian edition

Thumbnail image for Saab PrideThis is a rather special Saab Pride entry as it’s from one of my fellow Saab bloggers – one of the guys I’ll have another opportunity to meet tomorrow, as a matter of fact.
Etienne runs the Saabhuy Blog from Belgium and I suspect he might have been at this blogging this at least as long as I have, if not longer.
Etienne’s been seen at many European Saab meetings in his classic Saab 900, but that might change in the future. I’ll let him explain why:
Some months ago, on 2nd of May to be precise, I took delivery of a Saab 99 from 1972 in the area of Bedford U.K. In fact, I bought it on ebay one month earlier.
This car was owned by the same man from new and I bought it from his grand-daughter.
It was repatriated to Belgium on a trailer via the tunnel. We fixed the clutch, brakes and carburettor and then all it needed was just a bit of polish and some alloy wheels, also found on ebay.
My first driving experience with this car was the international Saab meeting in Holland, but one of the main reasons I bought a Right hand drive Saab is simply because I like going to England so much and visiting this country. A few weekends ago, from 4th to 6th of September I attended the 20th anniversary meeting of the very friendly Saab enthusiasts club of Great-Britain in Larling, Norfolk.
After being many times in the UK with my LHD 900, I could say that I really enjoy the narrow roads of Norfolk with the steering wheel at the right place .

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