Saab sales organisations to change October 1

In the last few weeks, we’ve reported on changes coming out of Canada with regard to Saab sales organisation. At that time, it was speculated here at SU that Saab are going to have to find independent distribution companies to promote their vehicles in Canada.
It seems that could now be the way in many countries, with Saab rumoured to be concentrating it’s own distribution efforts in its three key markets.
From the SR report:

Fewer sales departments for the SAAB
Saab will get a new sales organisation from 1 Oct. General Motors has ended the agreement with dealers in Canada and one source within GM says to Expressen that it will be up to the dealers to import Saab in Canada and in other countries.
According to Expressen there will only be sales departments in Sweden,UK and in US.
Eric Geers confirms that there will be changes in the sales organisation
– It is correct that we will review the sales organisation,but Saab will continue to be sold world wide. Some agreements will be ended but we are working on it,he says to the news paper

I’d be interested to know where they got that date from. Expressen can jump the gun and run with their own news occasionally, so whilst I’ll watch this with interest and try and confirm what I can with Saab directly, I won’t bet the house on this just yet.
Here in Australia, smaller car companies are generally handled by importers, who then sign up dealerships, etc, to sell the cars locally.
I’d imagine that this is the way Saab are going to have to go here.
Thos who have bought their Saabs via GM dealerships will still have warranty coverage. This is a matter of law. But new Saab sales will have to come through these new distribution chains.
Interesting developments. Much as expected, but interesting to hear more about it.

GM to drop Canadian Saab dealerships by Dec 31?
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Thoughts on future Saab distribution.

Thanks to Dippen in comments!

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