Saab small market sales data – August 2009

UPDATED for Australia!

We’ve covered two of the big three already. Now it’s time to look over some of Saab’s smaller markets.
If your market isn’t mentioned below, please feel free to update us via comments or by direct email to me and I’ll update this post accordingly.
My thanks to those who have emailed stats already – much appreciated.
Saab sales actually rose in Australia in August!!
Ok, it’s from a small base, but considering the ordering problems here and the lack of advertising, etc, any win is a good win.
Saab sold 75 vehicles here in August 2009, which was a 33% rise over the sales in the same month last year.
Thanks to LotusEnthusiast
Saab sales were down to just 36 vehicles in August. Saab dealers actually had pretty decent sales earlier in the year but now stocks are at a minimum, as is marketing and confidence. That means a 79.8% fall from the 178 sold in August last year.
Sales are down 48.5% year to date, at 599 vehicles.
Saab sales were down by the usual two-thirds in Germany, with just 77 vehicles sold.
German asles are interesting in that many companies are up substantially due to the scrappage scheme there. Most of them sell cheap and cheerful cars, but the one I noted with particular pleasure was Alfa Romeo being up by more than 90%.
The MiTo effect?
Saab almost doubled their sales compared with July!!! Ah, the fun you can have with statistics, yes?
They sold 17 cars last month, and 30 this month.
The Netherlands is traditionally a strong market for Saab, but their importer went bankrupt and there were no deliveries for some time. They are now getting back on their feet with the help of an importer from Belgium.
Any more numbers to share….let me know.

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