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I trust all you Turbo X owners are enjoying your vehicles. Those who got their X’s first have possibly crossed the 12 month anniversary already. Amazingly, there are still some for sale in some parts of the world and I received a query earlier this week from a guy who’s thinking of picking one up.
Saab Turbo X
His name is Nate and here’s what he’s thinking…..

I am young (26) but I work hard and I am a young professional here in San Diego, CA and saving up for my first new Saab. I currently have a 2004 9-3 Linear (bought with 40k miles) that I have become attached to, it is an amazing car. I know have 105 miles on it and I am ready to upgrade. I know I want to get another Saab for sure. The model I have fallen in love with is the 2008 9-3 Turbo-X since the first time I saw one.
My question to you is, do you think it would be smart to buy a Saab right now or wait? Also, what do you think is a good price point for the X? I know there were only 600 sent here to the US, but I found the exact one I want for $35,900 US Dollars ($47,500 sticker). Do you feel I can work them down at all? I am always one to negotiate but I wanted to ask an expert if they felt this model Saab would be a good buy.

Nah. Far from an expert, but I’m happy to share what I think.
I think the Turbo-X is an absolute ass-kicker of a vehicle. Yes, there are 2009 vehicles with XWD but if I had a chance at an X, I’d grab it.
Practical people who are wise with their money will possibly disagree, but I’m a bit of a sentimentalist. I’d go for the Turbo-X for the same reason I prefer the 99 Turbo over the clasic 900 turbo. Because it’s the first of it’s kind. To me, that’s significant.
I think you could possibly talk them down a little more than that (though to we Aussies, that’s an incredibly cheap price anyway) given that sales are so hard to come by at the moment.
More important than my philosophisations (thanks R. Shelton), why not take the thoughts of a real-life Turbo X owner into consideration.
Clive was the first guy in Australia to take delivery of a Turbo X and he’s recently passed his first anniversary with it.
I heard from Clive earlier this week and here are his impressions of 12 months with the Saab Turbo X. You might remember that Clive’s X is Loud, Fast and In Control:

19136 kms in my Turbo X, and l have now officially owned my car for slightly over 12 months.
l still have that Saab smile. Every time l start the Saab from a cold start, as my #2 son in law says, it’s metal mayhem: cam overlap that produces a nice uneven signature from an engine with urge and a delicious raucous exhaust note. And the really nice part is that it seems to be getting that little bit louder; it fits my future plan of growing old disgracefully.
This is a great car. The XWD loves corners. Power in and power out. No braking, just control the car with the accelerator pedal. The V6 torque band is phenomenal , the suspension and braking are set up with perfect balance (to my mind) and the steering is responsive.
Is this the perfect Saab? Maybe, maybe not. However what is the perfect car?
Does it demonstrate that Saab can develop unique cars? Absolutely, and the Turbo X is part of the evolution!
One of my favourite subjects is to reflect on the wonderfully “accurate” – if not bizarre – press reviews. Firstly, l must state that my Turbo X is a manual. To me this car is a car that deserves only the 6 speed manual box. Condemn me to washing my mouth out with soap if you like, but to me that is a fact.
The following is my response to the most negative press reports

  1. Torque steer, the urban legend. The Turbo X has no torque steer, which is actually the point of the XWD… the press should try a 2008 Mazda MP3. It sets a new standard for torque steer.
  2. Poor steering – the steering is in fact very good and precise, l have actually managed to miss trams (a feature of Melbourne’s city and inner suburban roads) , trucks and anything else that you would expect on the road.
  3. Fuel consumption – if you drive it like you stole it then the litres-per-100kms are unfortunately not very good.
  4. Competitors – Yes , the very serious contenders that it has been measured against including ….wait for it ……the very intimidating and performance based Subaru Liberty….. yes they both have 4 wheels however XWD drive and AWD are not the same. Not all 2Wd’s are the same, either, at least in my experience. Also, power per tonne – the Turbo X is right in there amongst its peers including BMW
  5. The dash panel – No, l have not been bored senseless by the apparently less than exciting internal fitout and instrumentation and all that black plastic. The gauges all work, they are not fluoro disco lights, they are Saab instruments and they tell me what l want to know
  6. Noisy – it’s true, this is not a quiet car. It has unique aspects including an exhaust note that is so unSwedish……

This is the future not the past.

2 thoughts on “Saab Turbo X question”

  1. I have finally found a decent used TurboX that I hope to able to purchase. This is the fourth one I have looked at and by far the the best condition, almost immaculate…
    Just one sad part, I will have to let my beautiful and lighter 2006 Aero go, as I still hope to find a nice vert…
    NOW is the time to get your dream Saab!

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