State of Nine offers new international shipping service

If you live outside of the United States, you’ll know that shipping goods from there can be expensive. If, however, you can combine shipping items, it’s often a much more affordable cost relative to the value of goods purchased.
Site sponsor and Saab accessories specialists, State of Nine, realise that whilst they offer great shipping rates inside the US (with shipping being free of charge for many items) shipping can be a barrier for some international customers.
That’s why they’ve teamed up with Bongo International…..

Bongo provides parcel and mail forwarding to international customers.
You simply set up a US mailing address through Bongo, have your items shipped there (taking advantage of our great US shipping rates), then tell Bongo when to ship you your items. You have the versatility of shopping at as many stores as you want, and then having everything ship to you at once, drastically reducing your international shipping costs. This process can save you up to 82% off of international shipping rates.
Our customers are always looking for better options to shipping our unique products internationally and we are happy to offer this new service to our loyal Saab customers.

So if you’re an internet shopper, you can get your Ebay, Amazon and State of Nine purchases all forwarded to the Bongo address in the US, and then get Bongo to forward the one shipment to you at a time of your choosing.
Check here to check out Bongo and their services a little more.
….and click here to check out State of Nine’s great range of Saab accessories, including a great range of Hirsch Performance gear for your Saab.

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