Still more 2010 9-5 videos

Whew, just when you thought there would be a break in the video action, Twitter buzzes over some links to a couple more from the “official” Saab news folks.
First up, a great clip of the new Saab 9-5 in action, some from the driver’s point of view. I must say that I love the rear roof line on this car. It just looks right from any angle, it seems. The heads-up display I like, and I certainly believe that a vehicle with this combination of styling, size and performance is going to sell well in North America. Particularly with the green set.
If you pay close attention to the video, the 9-5 shows very little body lean in the curves. I’m certain that the video wasn’t recorded with the car being pushed to the limits, but even still there seems to be little movement. Swade, I’m hoping, will enlighten us soon on that matter.

I’ve not previously seen anything from Mr. Magnus Hansson, head of Saab Global Sales and Marketing, but I can tell that he’s my kind of guy. Enthusiastic, emphatic, charging ahead. Well done, sir!
The key points in Mr. Hansson’s short clip:
1. Emphasis on “fun-to-drive” and “exciting driving experience”.
2. Calling out immediately the comparison to BMW and Audi as the “regular premium” brands and offering Saab as the alternative.
3. Scandinavian origin, aircraft heritage, independent thinking as key talking points.
I like those concepts as the nucleus of their sales and marketing activities.

One little personal aside: Mr. Hansson’s accent sounds EXACTLY like one of my former co-workers, a Swedish chemical engineer named Jonas. Jonas, if you’re out there, I’m thinking of you and I wish you well.

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