SU Calendar – September 2009

It’s the start of a new month and that means the desktop calendar you downloaded last month is now out of date. Sorry Brendan, but it seems that time has passed your 99T by!
This month’s calendar features an image we’ve seen here before, in the original Saab Pride competition, if I recall correctly.
The image was taken by Arild. It’s his 2003 Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan on the Swedish/Norwegian border. The car is Hirsch tuned and it’s Dolphin Grey in real life, though the Nordic winter light blued it up for this photo.
Calendar Guy has tweaked it a little to add some more contrast from the original blue-themed image and it’s come up a treat!
Click the image to enlarge to full 24-inch widescreen size and then you can re-size it to your needs and apply it to your desktop.
And here’s a little bit of background about the location:

… Saab is standing by the lake Røgden on the border to Sweden. It was December 22nd and cold, but not much snow. The area is called Finnskogen or Forest of the Finns in English. Finnskogen was populated by Finns who fled from famine in Finland in the 17th century. They settled in Finnskogen because it’s an area of lots of woods and lakes that reminded them of home. The story says that when the border commission came to draw the border between Norway and Sweden, one Finn living on the Swedish side put Norwegian soil in his shoes and swore under oath that he was standing on Norwegian soil, and so the land was declared Norwegian.

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