SU Euro meetups – part II

As mentioned a few days ago, I’m coming over for the Frankfurt Motor Show and a quick bit of Saab loving in Trollhattan.
We have three proposed meet-ups in the works. From comments in the last entry, the consensus seems to be as follows:
Frankfurt, Wednesday 16th September
– meet at some Aussie pub near the stock exchange. There was a suggestion of a more aauthentic Frankfurt experience, which I can appreciate, but to be honest I’ll most likely be so jetlagged and zonked out that a home-based theme would be quite comfortable.
Shall we say meet at 6.30?? Alternative times? Do we need numbers and a booking? And does anyone know the real name of the place and an address?
Trollhattan, Saturday 19th September
A number of people mentioned the Bishops Arms, which I think is a fitting place for us to toast Mr Bishop and his compatriots in the Koenigsegg Group. Even if I didn’t like his livelihood and even if he has bailed on the transaction, I’m still appreciative of Saab’s future due to his decision to get interested in the company.
Should we also meet beforehand for a scenic drive and a bit of meet-n-greet time?
Do we need numbers and a booking at the Bishop’s Arms if people are having dinner?
Stockholm, Monday 21st September
There wasn’t much in comments, but I did receive a few emails about Stockholm. I’m arranging a dinner venue with some Saaby friends offsite and will publish here when that’s been determined.
It’d be great to say G’day to as many people as possible, so please do come along!

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