SU site stats – August 2009

Numbers are slightly down but I don’t care, because the quality of the numbers is up. It’s been another megamonth in Saabland and that’s been reflected in the stories we’ve had to share here at SU.
And if you think August was a big month, wait until you see September. September’s going to make August look like ….. like …… like some quite month where nothing really happened. I strongly believe that September’s going to see this deal for Saab finally crystallise. As Auto Motor and Sport said earlier today:

For Saab, and Koenigsegg it is important to remove all doubts about the takeover before the Frankfurt Motor Show, where they want the focus to be on their models, instead of talking financial matters with the assembled world press.

That, of course, is going to be other big thing in September – the Frankfurt Motor Show. We’ve seen a lot of the 2010 Saab 9-5 already but at Frankfurt, all will be revealed.
And who knows, Saab and Koenigsegg might finally be ready, willing and able to talk about the future.
Yes, when the deal is finalised is when the hard work begins, but who says it can’t be a fun and exciting journey?
To the August numbers then…..
Saabs United served up 330,371 pages to just over 50,800 unique readers in August 2009. Both of those numers are slightly down on last month (346K and 52K respectively) so it’s steady-as-she-goes around here.



The good news for me as a website operator is that search traffic is starting to climb once again. When I started the new site ( the search traffic coming in was limited to the people who have google as their homepage and type “Saabs United” there rather than bookmark it.
That’s changing, with roughly 20% of traffic coming from search now. That number is still way down on what it should be, but it’s improving at a very steady rate.
Some of the search terms leading to SU include (in no particular order)

  • Saab leather dash
  • Saab 99 hatch
  • Augie Fabela
  • Bishop
  • Saab Koenigsegg
  • Saab 9-5 2010, and quite strangely….
  • Lutz retirement

The top 10 cities changed a little once again, with Stockholm ousting London as the #1 city reading Saabs United.
It’s interesting to see Detroit back in the top 10. They dropped out last month for one reason or another.
Finally, we say hellow to some special visitors…..
This is where Augie Fabela made his fortune. Interestingly, visitor numbers from Russia are up around 30% this month, and numbers from Moscow are up around 25%
Greetings to any of the Corleone family tuning in here……
Fredo broke my heart, too.
And finally, greetings to any of my long lost relatives in Hanover. My grandmother’s family hailed from here and I think they came to Australia early in the 1900s.
Don’t tell me there’s no love fos Saabs in Germany. Look at that spready of dots. It’s like the whole country has the measels!
Here’s to a Saabtastic September!!!!

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