Sunday Housekeeping and Other SU Things

I just approved a slew of comments from the spam filter, so some of you will see your opinions now posted. Sorry that it’s taken a while to work that out, but Swade and I have both had our adventures over the last three days or so.
I’m happy to report that mine is working out perfectly. More on that later.
Swade’s is working out much better than he expected from what I’ve heard from him thus far today. I’m not going to steal any of his thunder, but he’s got a couple of anecdotes that I’m very, very excited to hear about. Stay tuned!
Upcoming schedule
As I write this, it’s Sunday evening in Sweden. Over the next couple of days, Swade’s schedule will be jam-packed with more great stuff, great people, great everything. All Saab, all the time! He flies back to Australia on Tuesday with a Thursday arrival. That’s the price he pays for living in all of the natural beauty near the bottom of the world.
Over the next two days, Swade will post as he’s able. It may not be much, but he’s feverishly working. Once he’s in the air, I’ve got a few stories to share about my new 900 and the trek home (which isn’t actually finished just yet — I’m in Paducah, Kentucky right now). That should take us into Thursday. I expect that’s when the true details of
Steven’s trip will begin to unfold here in these pages.
Another way to hear from us
If you aren’t following Swade and me on Twitter, you can. If you aren’t a Twitterer, simply bookmark these pages for review from time to time. You’ll see all of the Tweets there:

Enjoy the posts, and watch the videos again. They WILL be on the final exam.
From SW….
Amen, brother!
I hit the road tomorrow for what will effectively be a four day trip back home. Fun and games. There will be a lot to share.

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