Sunday morning snippets – winding road edition

It’s the weekend and things are slowing down a little on the SU Sweden Tour 2009.
I’ve been joined here in Sweden by Dave R, who knows this area like the back of his hand and has graciously acted as host and guide around the area.
Yesterday we headed north for a drive and apart from the scenery and some great strawberry waffles, the highlight of the drive was a road called Brudfjallsvagen (forgive the lack of umlauts but I haven’t figured those out on this new computer just yet).
This is an 11km stretch of undulating, winding road that’s just so much fun you want to drive it again and again.
The road runs between Tisselkog and Haverud and it well worth searching for if you’re over this way.
Here’s a video of the drive shot from a motorbike. You don’t get the full rise and fall of the road, but it’ll give you an idea.
The SU Trollhattan meetup was on last night and whilst we were few in number we were many in spirit. Dave and I were joined by Mats (a local) and Rune made a huge effort in travelling all the way from Oslo with his wife Anna.
It was great to see Mats again (he gave me my first tour around Thn back in 2007) and fantastic to meet Rune and Mrs Rune for the first time. We had a drop-in visit from a young guy named Hampus (forgive me if I’m wrong), but he was too young to be allowed to stay in the pub.
Thanks to all for another great evening!
Just a small part of the fleet of 9-5 test mules in Trollhattan. A post about that experience will come later.
I’ve got enough content backed up to last a month, but there’s even more still to come on the SU Sweden Tour 2009.
This afternoon we’ll take the 9-3x out for a good thrashing 🙂
Tomorrow I jump in a rental car and head for Orebro, which is where Maptun have their facility. I’ll meet up with Fredrik and the rest of the team there and have a look around before heading off to Stockholm.
In Stockholm I’m hoping to meet up with Jorgen from the SU Historic Rally Team as well as some guys from Auto Motor and Sport.
That’s Monday and Tuesday morning taken care of. Tuesday afternoon will see me jump on a plane again for the long ride home to meet my wife’s loving arms and my dog’s loving wet nose.

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