Swade still in the air snippets

(Apologies to all for the beginning fragment of this post loitering on the site for a couple of hours — the artifact of posting in a crowded airport with an iffy wireless connection. EnG)
In the aftermath of the Frankfurt auto show, I expect a number of outlets to comment on the new 9-5. Here’s a (very) short post that tauts the new 9-5 as “an alternative to the standard Bimmer, Benz, or Lexus.” Fair enough.
Regular reader and contributor, Robin, reminds me that Saabfriends is active and on the move. I’ve not yet gone there myself — Swade must have posted this during one of my “dark periods”. Anyhoo, check it out!
I was reminded this weekend in a conversation with Greg (he’ll be baffled as to why, but it really had little to do with the subject at hand, just a phrase that he used) about the forlorn little Saab 90. A strange little corner of Saab history, but it’s there nonetheless.
Post Script:
More on the Saab 90 from esteemed writer and genuine Saab lover Lance Cole may be found in the archives here.
Additionally, I wrote this little piece on the Saab 90 Lumikko (Snow Weasel). Once again, the Saab 90 is a strange little corner of our Saab history.

If someone has a chance, trot on over to Wikipedia and clean up the Saab Automobile and Saab 9-5 entries. They both could use a little editing.
I got great feedback on the Meyer Saab post from folks who were actually there, and what great affection people have for the dealer and the other Saab lovers. It’s given me new energy to pursue a local club here in Middle Tennessee. More on that in future editions.
I figure that Swade’s just about on the ground in Singapore. By now his body thinks it’s in the wee hours of the morning, but in Singapore it’s the middle of the day. I know that’s a great feeling — NOT. It’s an even better feeling to endure seven hours at the airport in that condition. Travel isn’t as glamorous as the airline commercials make it seem. Not even close.

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