Swade’s jetlagged Snippets

So, today Swade arrived in Sweden for a trip to our Mecca, Trollhättan. Lucky him. The best that I could do was breakfast at Ann Sather, a Chicago eatery offering hearty Swedish food for breakfast and lunch. Not just any old place, Ann Sather’s has world-renowned cinnamon “rolls”, omelets, European sausages and cheeses, and breads made the Swedish way. Chicago-area folks will no doubt recognize immediately why I’ve put quotation marks on the word “rolls”, because a single cinnamon roll at Ann Sather is a slab of gooey, just-right sweet bread three or four inches (75 to 100 mm) thick and about 12 inches (30 cm) by 6 inches (15 cm). Even a huge eater like me would consider this a meal in itself, but it’s a side item with the two-eggs and Swedish Potato Sausage breakfast that also came with four tomato slices. Definitely a must-have if you venture into downtown Chicago. The cinnamon rolls are one of the best pastries available anywhere on the planet in my opinion (and in other’s).

Oh well, it’ll have to do for now.

More on Chinese involvement in Koenigsegg Group:

The Truthaboutcars.com comments on partial Chinese ownership of Koenigsegg Group and in turn Saab in their typical cynical fashion. The highlight here is an apparently Swedish expression that translates thus: “Do not judge all you see, do not believe all you hear, do not do all you can, do not say all you know, do not eat all you have, let no one know what you have in your heart or in your wallet.” Their implication is that there will be much more at stake than has been revealed about this relationship. We’ll see, but if history proves anything, they’re right. The difference is that I don’t assume the worst, and it seems the TTAC does.

Other stuff on the new 9-5:

There’s a short article on telegraph.co.uk. As they put it:

The new 9-5 looks modern and individual, and it has the traditional Saab strong points: good driver controls, fine safety, lots of space, strong but efficient turbo engines.

Auto Power Girl has some photos of the 9-5 at the Frankfurt show, I can’t tell immediately if they are recycled or original. See for yourself.


And, I’ve saved the best for last: regular reader and all-around great guy Robin has posted a great couple of photo sets on his Flickr site for our enjoyment. Good one, Robin!

Robin’s 9-5 shots are here .

Robin’s general Frankfurt auto show photos are here.


While Swade’s in Sweden, also keep an eye on the site for the SaabsUnited Historic Rally Team. I’m sure that he, Jörgen and Bo will have some form of interaction that will be entertaining, informative and downright good reading.

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