Swedish press – the difference a day and some straight talking can make

Yesterday, Jan-Ake Jonsson addressed a supplier industry meeting and one of the things he mentioned there was the way that much of the Swedish press had mis-stated some of the facts with regard to Saab’s situation.
I’ve put the boot into some of the press corps as well in the last few months. In some respects they’ve been asking some of the questions that people want to hear. In other respects, though, they’ve been downright mischevious and only because they felt there was a popular backlash against Saab.
Today, SvD have some very nice, almost touchy-feely articles about Saab. It makes for a pleasant change and is maybe some evidence that the press in Sweden is starting to see that Saab have a hopeful future.
Article 1 is an overview of the 2010 Saab 9-5.
That one still leaves a lot of questions open about whether this is the right car at the wrong time. It’s a tame article in comparison to some previous ones, though.
Article 2 is where the warm and fuzzies kick in, as they go to the Saab Museum and get Saab 9-5 number 1 out of storage.

It smells like new, in a way that I remember from the autumn of 1997 when I test my first set 9-5 on a car deal. Looking out over the instrumentation that feels surprisingly modern, clean shapes in a timeless way. Start the engine and put in number one. Although the gearbox – not normally Saab’s strong point – feels crunchy in new fluctuations.

Article 3 is a small piece on the father of the original Saab 9-5, Olle Granlund. Be careful with the GoogleTrans, as there’s some NSFW word translation going on….

The entire project cost about 4.5 billion crowns and the final product is Olle Granlund still happy with.
– It’s still nice to drive.

It’s a good read, even with the suss Google work.

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