The cars of Frankfurt ……….Airport

With a post title like that you’d think I hung around the airport taking film of cars going past. Well, I did actually.
But that’s not what this post is about.
This is about the different cars that are actually installed inside the airport. I’m not sure if it’s IAA fever or whether there’s always this many, but I was surprised to see so many as I tootled around today.
This Maserati is on display as part of a competition they’re running at the airport.

This installation is meant to show
a) the BMW 1 series with a new rock bottom price
b) the BMW 1 series is a safe vehicle in the event of an explosion
c) cars get dirty when you don’t wash them.
There was another BMW over at Terminal 2, but I didn’t have my camera with me. For those who might be wondering if just wandered around the airport all day, well I kind of did. But I was at T2 for a reason. Unbelievable as it may seem, my in-laws actually arrived in Frankfurt from Vancouver for their Euro driving holiday on the same day I arrived for the IAA.

The Astra must have been comandeered for use at the IAA. Time are tough.

The RUF Porsche plugin car. Looks great, as most Porsches do. But the electric thing’s just not doing it for me.

Much like Mini are prone to doing, Fiat are using eye-catching schemes to promote their 500C. Pity if people don’t look up, though.

This Jaguar E-Type is the vehicle on the promotional poster for the competition at the airport. No need to say why.

Back to Porsches. There’s nothing quite like a place that’s willing to charge you triple price simply for the presence of seven letters to make one feel wealthy.

And, yeah, there was a Kia.

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