Vote Saab 9-5 at AMS Germany

Another day, another poll…..
This one’s a little different, actually. This is not this car vs that car, it’s actually asking for a rating of a number of cars from the IAA show in Frankfurt.
This will take 10 minutes of your time, but I think you’ll find it interesting, nonetheless, to see how the German Auto Motor and Sport readers have rated a sample of cars from the Frankfurt show.
There are 23 cars to rate, and the 9-5 pops in at around number 18 in that sequence. You simply rate each car from 1 (highlight) to 5 (flop) and after each car, you’ll get a results sheet to show how other readers rated that car.
When I voted the 9-5 tally was as follows. My vote is in the left colum, with the tallied readers’ votes in the right column:
The German cars in the poll are generally rated higher then others, though there were a few interesing exceptions (and one with particular relevance to we hatch lovers.
The new BMS 5 series GT was rated as a ‘flop’ by the readership. Whether that’s because they don’t like hatches or they’re just sick of BMW trying to create niches with big-ass uglymobiles remains to be seen. They’re certainly no ‘joy’ in this poll, however.
The other BMW fail went to the X1, with the little SUV rating just above a flop.
There’s only one ‘absolute highlight, and yes, it’s German. I voted the Aston Martin Rapide and the 9-5 as absolute highlights, but German readers chose some lump from Mercedes Benz.
Click here to lodge your vote.
The aim is not to win anything, it’s simply to let AMS Germany know that there’s a decent group of people out there with a solid appreciation for what Saab has done with the 9-5.
For me, the 9-5 was the absolute highlight of the show. As I wrote the night after seeing it, one should not underestimate the significance of that day for the new Saab.
With thanks to Radulf!

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