Wednesday Night Quick Snippets – Enter the Dragon edition

I love Bruce Lee films. He’s one of many who like his son, died too soon.
[Slap!] Don’t concentrate on the bad press reports or you will miss all that Saaby glory….
Mark this day.
I believe The Local is incorrect here and that they’ve misinterpreted the day’s reports.
GM are assisting with the transaction, but I’m pretty sure we’ll find that The Local is incorrect when they say that GM are going to provide the missing 3billion SEK.
Saab Cars Official has some new 2010 Saab 9-5 photos on their Facebook page.
Remember the Saab Blackbird film by Joseph Kosniski? It’s a shame Saab couldn’t every pick that film up for promotion.
It still seems to have paid off as a promotional vehicle for Kosniski, though. He’s now directing a new sequel to TRON, called TRON: Legacy.
And if you haven’t seen Blackbird, do youself a favour and click that link.
A great, albeit short read from CAR Magazine:

The odds are stacked against tiny Koenigsegg. Yet it has one big advantage over GM. As witnessed by its sports cars and the boldness of its recent purchase, it can ‘think different’.
Small premium motor companies can only prosper if they make cars that are notably different from the mass-made mainstream, and they can only make such cars if they are managed and run by people who can think outside the corporate constraints of big car company conservatism. GM has proved that it cannot do this; most other giant car companies are similarly culpable.

Consider that a prophecy of sorts. One thing about these aliens is they give you a good view of the future 🙂
Thanks Jon!
No, I’m not going crackers.

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